Milbrooke Christian Church, Hopkinsville Kentucky

About Us

Millbrooke Christian Church was established in 1962.  A chapel was purchased from Fort Campbell and was used in the original reconstruction.  We constructed a new Fellowship Hall addition in 1996.   Our church is situated on 5 beautiful acres at 703 Country Club Lane. Our Pastor is Reverend John Strode.  Our music and choir directors are Amanda and J. W. Groves for more information please visit the Staff page.

The central part of our Sunday worship is celebrating The Lord's Supper.  All people are invited to participate in that Communion, recognizing, we are all in need of God's Grace and Forgiveness.

We believe our God has been forever and will be forever.  His Spirit created everything according to His Will evidenced by Science and the Laws of Nature.  That Spirit is part of each of us and all that is

We believe in baptism by immersion, yet we recognize all forms of baptism.  We honor and invite transfers of memberships from all other churches.

We believe as Christians, our lives are formed and lived in a relationship with the God whom Jesus revealed to the world when He took on flesh, lived, died, and was resurrected, so that in Him all things can be made new now and forever.

We believe in God's Unconditional Love as His Essence.   That Love was clearly demonstrated in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.    Living in that Love and for that life, we all can have a fulfilling life and look forward to the miracle of dying.

We believe God's Grace covers all for everyone for whatever.  Love always wins and cannot be defeated.

We believe Salvation is offered to all by Grace through Faith that we accept freely by choice, and commit our lives to living with God through Jesus Christ, enabling us to become new creatures and to journey to that Oneness of Harmony with Him.

We believe we are all one in Christ Jesus as the Family of God.

We believe that God's Holy Spirit is abundantly throughout the world and that the indwelling presence of that Spirit is always available to us as our Comforter, Guide, and Advocate.

We believe in the Bible as the Living Word of God, to shape us for God's Work, revive the Soul, to enliven and enlighten our minds and hearts.  Scripture is to be read and studied reverently, with an open mind and heart in context, to understand what God is saying to us today.  Scripture shows us how to love God, love our neighbor, and the truth that sets us free.

We believe we are all endowed with free will and are equally free to use our God given Gifts and our Calling to serve God and the church without limitations.

We believe our homes and families can overcome anything through love from each other and the Love and life that comes from God.